Why is it called “Theta” Healing?

“ThetaHealing®” is named after the brainwave “theta” which is associated with deep relaxation, meditation, creativity, intuition and more. Being in a “theta state” enables us to access the subconscious mind which stores many negative thoughts and emotions. It also enables us to change these to positive ones, using the healing essence of pure unconditional love.

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What does the word “healing” mean?

Healing is usually associated with physical healing. However, in ThetaHealing® it is a synonym to “change” and “transformation”. Healing could pertain to negative emotions, negative thoughts, and can improve physical ailments thus; cause a positive change.

How many sessions will I need?

A lot of work can be covered in a short period of time with ThetaHealing®. The amount of sessions needed varies from person to person depending on the complexity of the issue to be worked on. Many times, clients experience a shift within one session, however sometimes the subconscious belief system around the issue is more complex and need deeper belief work done over a few sessions to achieve the desired change.

Is there anything I need to do before my session?
  • Come with an open heart, with an attitude and intention of wanting positive change and being ready for positive change.
  • Drink plenty of water. It is important to be fully hydrated, this will allow your muscle testing (a method for testing your negative beliefs) to be clear and strong.
What goes on in a session?
  • You sit in a relaxed position and we start a conversation of Q&A to dig deeper into the issue, to find the hidden belief that is anchored at the bottom of your subconscious mind and which is sabotaging you from achieving whatever you consciously desire; be it emotional, psychological, financial, physical, etc…
  • Then I will connect to the healing essence of unconditional love to replace this negative program with a positive one, release any trauma, resentments, and trapped emotions, and reprogram your mind so that it starts attracting what you consciously desire to bring into your reality.
  • The energy of many positive feelings will be “downloaded” within your body.
  • All negative beliefs will be tested before and after the healing session (using a muscle/energy testing technique which you will be taught just before the session starts), to indicate the change has taken place.
  • You leave the session in a better state than when you arrived.


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Does a ThetaHealing® session have to be done in person?

ThetaHealing® sessions can be done in person or from a distance. A session can be done over the phone, skype, etc…It depends on what you prefer.

Can I do one-on-one sessions, or train as a ThetaHealer® while pregnant?

Yes you can. As with any therapy or treatment, it is recommended however to wait till after your first trimester.

Do I have to compromise my faith to learn ThetaHealing®?

The beauty of ThetaHealing® is that it is an all-embracing technique which is open to all people of all faiths and cultures. This meditation technique trains your mind, body and soul to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive and empowering thoughts to create a positive lifestyle.

How effective is ThetaHealing® over other techniques?
  • Just talking about your goals is 30-40% effective.
  • Visualizing your goals is only 50% effective.
  • Manifesting in the “Theta” state is 80-90% effective.
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