This is a seminar for everyone who is ready for their true love! Learn to love yourself so that you attract your most compatible soul mate into your life.

Pre-requisites: Basic + Advanced + Dig Deeper

In this 2-day seminar you, will learn:

  • How to recognize & draw to you your most compatible soul mate.
  • The different types of soul mates.
  • The difference between soul mates and spiritual soul family.
  • Remove the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from attracting your most compatible soul mate.
  • The Dos and don’ts in a relationship.
  • How past relationships affect your current ones.
  • Energetic divorce from a past relationship.
  • The monogamy gene.

Seminar includes:

  • 2 days.
  • Thetahealing® Soul Mate book + lunch + 2 coffee breaks.
  • Certificate from The Thetahealing® Institute of Knowledge, U.S.A., as a ThetaHealing® Soul Mate ____Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.
  • Energy Exchange:
  • Early bird @ JD 300       regular @JD 350       2 monthly payments @ JD 190/month

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